Researchers believe that carpal tunnel syndrome impacts between three and six percent of the adult population in the United States. But because the symptoms of this condition can vary widely, and may progress for years before they become severe, there may be millions of people across the U.S. suffering from undiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome.

If you’ve felt a slight tingle in your fingers or noticed a sudden numbness in your hand from time to time, you might be wondering whether carpal tunnel syndrome could be to blame. You might also be wondering how soon after the pain sets in you need to talk to your doctor—or, start your search for the best carpal tunnel surgery Utah has to offer.

When should you seek treatment, when should you start your search for a carpal tunnel doctor near me, and what is the surgery like for carpal tunnel syndrome? Keep reading to learn the answers to common questions about this common condition.

When Should You Start Your Search for Carpal Tunnel Surgeons Near Me?

Like many chronic conditions, the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome are often mild at first. Early symptoms of this condition include numbness, weakness, or tingling in the hands. At first, these symptoms might be confused with other conditions. Or, you might think your hand is simply getting tired after spending a few days typing away at your computer. However, over time, these symptoms will likely go from being a slight annoyance to pain that makes it difficult to do things like forming a fist. 

If you’ve noticed a twinge of pain in your hand or felt your fingers go numb without explanation, it could be an early sign of the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. But when is the right time to start your search for a carpal tunnel doctor near me? 

Many people wait to see a surgeon after the pain becomes severe and has a direct impact on their daily lives. This is true not just of carpal tunnel syndrome, but of many other conditions as well. But as with many other conditions, treating carpal tunnel syndrome early is the best way to reduce pain and prevent additional damage.

What to Do if You Think You’re Experiencing the Early Signs of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

When you’re busy working, taking care of a family, enjoying your hobbies, or pursuing your education, it’s easy to convince yourself that a new ache or pain is normal. To some extent, a numb hand or tingling fingers could be a one-off pain caused by keeping your hand in an odd position or even sleeping on them wrong.

You don’t necessarily need to schedule an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeons St George Utah has to offer after your hands go numb temporarily or your fingers feel tingly for the first time. As long as the sensation goes away and is not very painful, this isn’t cause for alarm.

However, if you start noticing those symptoms more frequently, it’s a good idea to see a doctor. Certain groups of individuals, including pregnant women, those with a chronic health condition like diabetes, or those who perform a job with repetitive hand motions, may be more at risk of developing carpal tunnel syndrome. If you fall within one of these groups, you might opt to seek treatment even earlier.

If you’ve been ignoring the pain in your hand or wrist for some time, but the symptoms start to get worse, you struggle with grip strength, or your pain is starting to get in the way of enjoying normal daily activities, don’t wait to start your search for a carpal tunnel doctor near me.

Why Seeking Early Treatment for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is So Important

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a painful condition that can make it very uncomfortable to do daily routine tasks. But even at its worst, the condition is not life-threatening. So, why is it so important to start your search for carpal tunnel surgeons near me before the pain becomes severe? The answer is that early intervention may help you avoid surgery, or simply reduce or even eliminate the pain before it becomes severe.

Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome can often help reduce pain, especially if the syndrome has advanced and is getting in the way of doing things that you enjoy. But there are also several non-surgical treatment options that may help you get relief from the pain.

One of the first early treatment options is simply learning how to avoid the positions that overextend the wrist and cause pain and pinching. A wrist splint may be used to keep the wrist in the proper position at night, too. If your carpal tunnel syndrome hasn’t advanced to a more serious stage, these treatments may provide relief, and help you avoid surgery.

Sometimes an underlying health condition, like rheumatoid arthritis or gout can lead to the development of carpal tunnel syndrome. If you seek help from the best carpal tunnel surgery Utah has to offer early, they may be able to help treat the underlying cause and provide relief for your carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms.

If you’ve consulted with a specialist before the pain gets severe, your doctor will likely discuss some non-surgical treatment options with you.

What is Surgery for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Like?

If you’ve finished your search for a carpal tunnel doctor near me and scheduled an appointment, they’ll start by performing a physical exam. During this exam, they will discuss your pain levels, and how your symptoms are getting in the way of your work or daily life. Then, they’ll likely discuss whether or not you are a good candidate for surgery.

Surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome can either be open or endoscopic. During open surgery, your surgeon will make an incision that’s around two inches long between your wrist and your palm. During endoscopic surgery, the surgeon cuts one or two smaller cuts and uses a camera to guide them as they make the necessary incision.

The ultimate goal of carpal tunnel surgery is to relieve the pressure on the nerve that causes pain, numbness, and tingling. Your surgeon will do this by cutting the ligament that is causing that pressure. Following your procedure, the ligament will still come back together, but with a larger space for the nerve to pass through without getting pinched or compressed.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery Utah: Taking the Next Steps

If you’re suffering from pain, tingling, or numbness in your hand and fingers, carpal tunnel syndrome could be to blame. Don’t wait for the pain to get serious or debilitating to start your search for the best carpal tunnel surgery Utah has to offer. Seeking early treatment can help you reduce or even alleviate your pain. You may even be able to get relief without surgery.

The best orthopedic surgeon St George Utah has to offer performs surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome regularly. Schedule an appointment today to learn how we can help you get back to living pain-free.